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In 1997, Abdurrahman Balta founded and received his PhD. Sanitas SPA, which continues with the founding partnership of Şebnem Akman Balta, Turkish Bath, all world massages, Far East careShe leads the sector with her consultancy services in Turkey and the world with her Indian Ayurveda rituals, skin and body care and physiotherapy applications.

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Offering SPA and Turkish Bath services at the highest level with the principle of “Difference of Touch”, Sanitas SPA, for 18 years in the Kempinski hotel chain in Turkey, all as Robinson TUI region in Turkey Robinson hotels have been providing uninterrupted service for 28 years. The industry’s most distinguished national and Sanitas SPA, which receives awards from international platforms every year, is also one of the It also provides consultancy services to many distinguished locations abroad.

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We share the know-how we have gathered from the awards where the world’s best compete.

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